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Well, after a long time discussing this - Rob finally got me to create this new section of the web site. Basically, there will be 3 seperate sections to begin with which are listed below. - General Updates, Tips, Tricks and TidBits - and the Ramblings of a madman. Hopefully some of the information will be of some use - if not entertainment!


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General Updates - Here we will try to keep everyone updated with all that is going on behind the scenes - so to speak.
Everything from certain breedings that we are looking forward to, to new arrivals, to changes taking place here at BD&oC.

Last Update 07-19-06

Tips, Tricks and TidBits -Here is where you will find information - mostly short pages/articles (that will eventually be arranged in some sort of order) on the care and breeding of bearded dragons. Much of this information will not typically be found in the general care sheets that are available on the internet.
Everyone knows bearded dragons usually  eat a ton of crix and usually like a hot basking area and usually breed very willingly. But what happens when they don't?

New Info. added 03-29-06

Misc. Info - Rob's Ramblings and anything that doesnt fit into the other 2 sections will go here.


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